Our nursery has an excellent reputation for carrying a large selection of hard- to- find and unusual plants. We try to stay on top of the most recent introductions of plants in the industry to offer our customers. Because we are growers and propagators we are able to produce the plants our customers want ahead of our competition. Almost all of the plants we grow in our fields are named cultivars and have been selected for superior traits.

Since the beginning, Mark has propagated our unusual plant varieties and cultivars. It is always a challenge to acquire and include the newest selections of plants in our inventory. Mark has a special interest in and affection for Japanese Maples, the aristocrat of garden plants. Over the years Mark has collected over a hundred and fifty different cultivars.

We also grow a large selection of unusual dwarf conifers and our field stock offers many mature (landscape size) specimen plants for the instant garden. We also offer both deciduous and coniferous plants that have unusual growing habits including weeping, prostrate, dwarf or fastigate. Many are variegated or have special colored foliage, bark or flowers. Some of the more interesting selections include Kousa Dogwood, Styrax, Pine, Spruce, Beech , Redbud, Larch, Fir, Redbud, Dawn Redwoods and False Cypress.

Because we propagate these cultivars we may have them available in various sizes; from young starter plants to mature field grown specimens. We welcome inquires for varieties not listed. Call for availability and pricing.

Selected Specialty Plant List:
Japanese Maples:
Paperbark Maple: Acer Grisieum, Acer Triflorum
Cut-leaf Maple:
Acer Palmatum Dissectum
Baby Lace
Crimson Queen
Emerald Lace
Goshiki Shidare
Red Dragon
Red Filigree Lace
Upright Maple:
Acer Palmatum
Beni Schichihenge
Koto Noito
Murasaki Kiyohime
Sango Kaku
Taiyo Nishiki
Villa Taranto
Acer Japonicum - Green Cascade, Aconitifolium
Fullmoon Maples: Acer Shirasawanum Areum - Autumn Moon
Chinese Dogwood:
Cornus Kousa - Wolf Eyes, Goldstar, Lustgarten Weeping, Satomi (Pink), Snowboy, Milky Way
Cornus Hybrid - Stellar Pink
Cercis Canadensis - Appalachian Red, Weeping, Alba (White), Forest Pansy (Red Leaf)
Cercis Chinensis - Alba (White), Avondale (Purple)
Fagus Sylvatica - Torulosa, Torulosa Purpuren, Purple Fountain, Purpurea Pendula, Roseo-Marinata
Japanese Snowbell:
Styrax Japonica - Carillon (Weeping), Pink Chimes, Emerald Pagoda
Bald Cypress:
Taxodium Distichum - Peve's Minaret, Falling Waters, Secrest (Dwarf) Cascade Falls
Liquidambar Styraciflua - Variegata, Silver King, Slender Silouette, Gumball
Douglas Fir:
Pseudotsuga Menziesii - Graceful Grace
Abies Korena - Hortsman Silberlock
Abies Concolor - Compacta
Japanese White: Pinus Parviflora - Adcock's Dwarf, Nana, Glauca, Ogon Janome
Japanese Red: Pinus Densiflora - Oculus Draconis (Dragon Eye), Pendula
Himalayan: Pinus Wallichiana - Zebrina
Macedonian: Pinus Peuce - Glauca
Scotch: Pinus Sylvestris - Globosa Viridis
Japanese Black: Pinus Thundbergii - Thunderhead, Oculus Draconis
Norway: Picea Abies - Pendula, Fastigiata, Acracona, Aurea
Colorado: Picea Pungens - Globosa, Hoopsi, Prostrata, Fastigiata
Oriental: Picea Orientalis - Gowdy, Skylands
Dawn Redwood:
Metasequioa Glyptostroboides - Gold Rush, Miss Grace(Weeping)
False Cypress:
Chamaecyparis - Obtusa - Nana Gracilis, Aurea Nana, Crippsi Nootkatensis - Pendula
Japanese Cedar:
Cryptomeria Japonica - Yoshino
Ginkgo Biloba - Autumn Gold, Girard's Witches Broom, Chris Dwarf

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